Undocumented and DACA awareness day

WHAT: Discussion about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students
WHEN: Tuesday, November 19, from 9:30 to 10:45 am
WHERE: St. John Francis Regis Chapel
SPEAKER: Denise Maes, Public Policy Director of the ACLU of Colorado


The Undocumented Student Resource Alliance will be holding a discussion about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)/undocumented students to bring awareness to our campus.

Denise Maes oversees all legislative work that affects civil liberties at the state and local level. With her contribution, we will also be sharing stories from our DACA/undocumented Regis students, both former and current, anonymously, for their protection. An open discussion for everyone attending will follow.

It is important to bring awareness to our campus to encourage students and faculty to be more knowledgeable of DACA/undocumented students that live all over our nation, but who also attend our school.

Join us Tuesday, November 19th

IT updates


Video Creation and Repository: The video creation and repository system, Kaltura/MediaSpace, that is commonly used in conjunction with WorldClass, the University’s learning management system, is now fully restored and allows content creation.

Previous E-mail, Calendar, and Contacts: Previous faculty/staff e-mail, calendar, and contacts have been restored for more than 650 users so far.  Information and instructions about the restored items have been e-mailed to users.  As previously mentioned, this work has to be performed for a few users at a time and is inherently time-consuming.

Return USB Drives by Nov. 22: Users who collected USB (“flash”) drives with their data on it must copy their data to OneDrive and return the USB drive at the ITS Help Center in the Carroll Hall basement.  About 500 users are yet to complete this task; the deadline is Nov. 22.

 Shared Drive Data: Previously submitted requests for restoration of data from the old shared drives (G, K, S, and W) have been completed.

Desk Phones: More than 600 desk phones have been restored.  Most individual phones should now be fully operational.  Common area phones are still being restored. 

Network-Based Printing: The work with Ricoh to restore print services is nearing testing stage.  Restoring print services from shared-use environments such as labs and classrooms has presented some complications that Ricoh and ITS staff are working through. 

Document Imaging: The document imaging system is currently being tested.  This includes both restoration of the previous system and a major upgrade to it.

Software Center: Users attempting to install software from the Software Center on their Regis-issued computers should note that their computer should be on-campus and connected to Regis’ network via a wired connection for installations to work.

AVP for Auxiliary Services Candidate Presentations

The Office of Student Affairs will be bringing three candidates for the Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services position to campus for interviews including a presentation and an open forum session. All interested parties from within our Regis community are welcome to attend. We would greatly appreciate representation from all units of the university, but especially those that frequently interact with the Office of Auxiliary Services.

The information for each of those sessions is as follows:

Monday, Nov. 11 |   2:30 - 3:30 pm., Main Hall 333

Tuesday, Nov. 12 |  3-4 p.m., Main Hall 333

Thursday, Nov. 14 | 2:30 - 3:30 pm., Main Hall 305

Note: We do not have a secure method to communicate details about each candidate, so we are unable to share application materials widely at this time. Job summaries, cover letters and resumes will be available for review in person at each session. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Free Admission to Energy Africa Conference

Next Thursday and Friday, November 14 and 15, join hundreds of high-level decision makers at the Sheraton Denver Downtown as they dialog and invest in Africa’s energy sector. Speakers include Regis' own Luka Powanga and Tom Bowie.

Regis staff, faculty and students have free admission to the conference. Email lpowanga@regis.edu for more details and the link to register for free.

ITS updates for Saturday, Nov. 2


Room Scheduling System

The restoration of 25 Live, the room scheduling system, and its integration with the ERP/SIS has been completed.  This restores the ability for regular scheduling, including that of final exams for the in-progress term and of overall scheduling for spring. 

SIS-LMS Data Exchange

Integration between the University’s student information system and the learning management system has be restored. 

Lockdown Browser Up

The lockdown browser, which secures online exams in classrooms or proctored environments, has now been fully restored.

ID Card and Card Lock Systems

The rebuilt systems to generate ID cards and manage room access via card locks are currently in testing and validation.  They are anticipated to be operationalized next week, if the validation is successful. 

Previous Email, Calendar, and Contacts

Previous faculty and staff email, calendar, and contacts have started to become available to users.  This work has to be performed for a few users at a time and so far about 375 users’ previous items have been made available to them. The target for alumni email restoration is mid-November.

Network-Based Printing

It is anticipated that networked print services will start becoming available to users in about two weeks.  Majority of the server and network configuration work has been completed but user computers need to be worked on.  

PC Restoration

1,113 faculty/staff computers have been touched, of which 1,088 have been restored.  1,154 classroom/lab computers have been restored.  80 faculty/staff Macs have been restored.

Document Imaging

The work to rebuild and, in the process, upgrade the document imaging system has made good progress.  Users will start seeing the client application for this system in the Software Center but should note that testing and validation has not yet been done.  It is a substantial effort that may take about two weeks.

Desk Phones

Over 530 desk phones have been restored to-date.  Most individual phones should now be fully operational.  Several common area phones are still being restored.

Statistical Software

SPSS has been installed for users with previously identified needs.  Users that need access to this package and have not already requested it from ITS should submit a request at http://services.Regis.edu

Sporadic Wireless Issues

The ITS team is investigating the sporadic wireless issues that have been reported and has engaged the services of Cisco.  As part of the special downtime Friday night, an upgrade was performed that may be beneficial, according to Cisco.  However, at this point in time, we are not sure if it will resolve the intermittent issues.

Look for flaggers on Ranger Way for several months

Due to the DeSmet Hall Addition construction, traffic on Ranger Way will be affected for the next 75 days. However,  one lane of the road will remain open through the use of flaggers, Physical Plant says. After regular business hours there will be appropriate safety signs in place to guide vehicles and pedestrians around the construction sites.

This is necessary so the contractor can install new water line collection, a new fire hydrant, and reestablish a curb line and some road repairs once the work in the road is complete. There also will be a large delivery of materials to the site that will take time to off load with the crane.

 We apologize if this work will create an inconvenience. If there are any question or concerns, contact Physical Plant at 303-458- 4944 or physplan@regis.edu


Scheduled network maintenance Nov 1 - 2

Update Nov. 2: A major infrastructure upgrade was performed Friday night to position Regis for better continuity and preparedness. The special downtime needed for the upgrade lasted many hours and all Regis systems had to be brought down for varying lengths of time.

Regis.edu will be offline starting at 8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 1, through 6 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2 due to ITS maintenance.

During this time, all Regis’ systems, including Internet access and e-mail, will be brought down and will be unavailable for extended periods. We estimate that the work will take 6-10 hours. Regis’ IT team is making every attempt to contain the downtime for WorldClass and Office 365 to about 4-6 hours but, with the nature of work involved, cannot guarantee it. Please plan accordingly and kindly share this message widely with your Regis colleagues, students, and classmates.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 12.58.09 PM.png

Town Hall at 10 a.m. on Tuesday

Dear Colleagues,

Warm regards on this cold day.  

Please be advised that the Town Hall for tomorrow, October 29, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., in the Mountain View Room at Claver Hall will take place as scheduled. As with prior Town Halls (unlike State of the University), we are not presenting via live stream or recording, but please know that we are considering these options for Town Halls in 2020 and beyond.  

 Tomorrow’s forecast for the Denver metropolitan area calls for cold and occasional snow flurries, but currently there are no winter advisories or warnings.  However, we do ask that you make safety your top priority.  If you are unable to attend the Town Hall for any reason, please afterwards consult with your department manager or a colleague on the information shared. 

Do not hesitate to contact president@regis.edu with any concerns or inquiries. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. 


 John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J.