Computer restoration progress, schedule

IT staff are working on re-imaging faculty/staff computers in Loyola Hall, Clarke Hall, and West Hall this week.  The target schedule for the next few weeks is as follows: ( Please note that this may change as work progresses and other priorities emerge.)

Sept. 23 – Oct. 4: Main Hall and Peter Claver Hall (work will progress simultaneously in both buildings)

Oct. 7 – 11: Carroll Hall, Science Building, Coors Center.

Oct. 14–18: Field House, Regis Square, Fine Arts Building.

Other buildings will follow.

 Even if a user is not in their office, IT staff will still work on their computer and will take it to a designated, secure IT work area in O’Connell Hall for installation of a new hard drive and re-imaging.  Data in the user folder will be copied to a USB (“thumb”) drive.  At the time of re-deployment of the re-imaged computer to the user’s office, while the user’s presence is preferred to complete the process, if they are not there, the computer will be set up in their office and instructions will be left for the steps the user will need to perform to complete the process.

IT staff continue to encounter large quantities of user data (including 250GB up to 600 GB) on the old hard drives of faculty/staff computers. Restoration has progressed beyond the 90 high-priority computers identified by the President’s Cabinet, to an additional 221 computers, of which 129 have been successfully redeployed to users’ offices.