ITS update on computer re-imaging

The PC imaging and restoration process has touched 315 computers to date and 226 functional computers have been successfully deployed to faculty/staff. In addition, 46 Mac computers have been restored to date.

Important Note: Please do NOT remove the red quarantine sticker on your computer. ITS staff will remove it when your computer is ready for use. Even though a re-imaged computer may be placed on your desk, there are steps that IT staff need to complete before it is ready for your use. Please be patient. Your removing the red sticker will confuse matters and slow things down. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Other updates:

  • ITS is working with faculty in Regis College and Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions to enable arrangements for critical, special-purpose computing equipment in Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, and Pharmacy.

  • Check printing capabilities have been restored.

  • The CRM system, Recruit, has been restored,