Restore your sponsored email account

Sponsored accounts have been restored, however passwords need to be reset before they can be used. 

If you are the sponsor of 10 or more Regis accounts, wait for a direct e-mail communication from ITS.  

If you are the sponsor for fewer than 10 Regis accounts, please visit with ITS between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in 10 Carroll Hall according to the following schedule, based on the sponsor’s last name, to reset the password for their sponsored account. This schedule is intended to reduce wait times.

Schedule by last names:

  • A-F, Oct. 7-8.

  • G-L, Oct. 8-9.

  • M-R, Oct.9-10.

  • S-Z, Oct. 10-11.

Please allow about 7-8 minutes for each sponsored account that you need to reset.

If the beneficiary of a sponsored account is a person, the sponsor is required to reset their password and provide the new password to the beneficiary by calling them.  If the sponsored account is for a unit/group/activity (e.g.,, it will be ready for use once the sponsor has reset its password.