The Cupboard shelves need replenishing

The Cupboard is so successful that more non-perishable food and hygiene products are needed to restock the shelves.

What is needed (everything must be non-perishable):

  • Canned fruit, vegetables and meat, such as tuna or chicken

  • Non-refrigerated beverages, such as small containers of milk, orange juice and V8

  • Evaporated milk, tea

  • Uncle Ben’s rice, macaroni and cheese bowls

  • Flour, sugar

  • Pasta sauce

  • Toiletries, such as small-sized hand sanitizers, lip balm, tissues and bath soap

The Northwest Denver Campus drop-off locations are at the library, the chapel, the Military and Veteran Resource Center in 241A Clarke Hall and the provost’s office in Main Hall.

The Cupboard - located in the library basement - is open noon to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To volunteer during the workday at The Cupboard, please contact Gene Gonzalez, interim director of the Military and Veteran Resource Center, at or 720.999.0708.

Sponsored email accounts to be restored next week

Sponsored email accounts will be restored next week.  Once restored, sponsors will need to reset the passwords for their sponsored accounts.  Additional information will follow early next week.

 IT staff is finalizing an optimal process for restoration of previously received/sent e-mail and calendar items.  With the quantity of data that needs to be restored, which is estimated to be in the 10-12 TB range, this process is anticipated to be slow.

Other notes:

  • Work on restoring the University’s constituent relationship management system, Recruit, has continued to make progress and is anticipated to be completed next week.

  • Work to synchronize data between Regis’ student information system (Colleague) and its learning management system (WorldClass) is nearing completion and is likely to be restored by Monday.  This will help with course sectioning and a consistent view of course registrations.

Directions coming to retrieve data on shared drives

A process if being finalized to provide users with data from network shared drives (W, S, and K) on a per request basis. Users that had data in their H drive will receive this data in a folder in their OneDrive. Detailed instructions will be provided by Monday.

Network shared drive services will not be restored. Users are required to and should plan on using Office 365 services for file sharing and team / document collaboration purposes. If needed, users should request training by calling the ITS Help Center at 303-458-4050.

Computer restoration progress, schedule

IT staff are working on re-imaging faculty/staff computers in Loyola Hall, Clarke Hall, and West Hall this week.  The target schedule for the next few weeks is as follows: ( Please note that this may change as work progresses and other priorities emerge.)

Sept. 23 – Oct. 4: Main Hall and Peter Claver Hall (work will progress simultaneously in both buildings)

Oct. 7 – 11: Carroll Hall, Science Building, Coors Center.

Oct. 14–18: Field House, Regis Square, Fine Arts Building.

Other buildings will follow.

 Even if a user is not in their office, IT staff will still work on their computer and will take it to a designated, secure IT work area in O’Connell Hall for installation of a new hard drive and re-imaging.  Data in the user folder will be copied to a USB (“thumb”) drive.  At the time of re-deployment of the re-imaged computer to the user’s office, while the user’s presence is preferred to complete the process, if they are not there, the computer will be set up in their office and instructions will be left for the steps the user will need to perform to complete the process.

IT staff continue to encounter large quantities of user data (including 250GB up to 600 GB) on the old hard drives of faculty/staff computers. Restoration has progressed beyond the 90 high-priority computers identified by the President’s Cabinet, to an additional 221 computers, of which 129 have been successfully redeployed to users’ offices.

Graduation application form now available

The graduation application form is now up and working, along with an extension to the application deadline. Please go to: to fill out the form and submit to Please note that processing will take time, and a graduation fee will be placed upon the account once the processing is complete.

Deadline to waive student health insurance extended

The deadline to waive the student health insurance requirement has been extended to Friday, Sept. 20.

For more information, go to

Please note: Once Student Health has full access to our systems, the student health insurance charge will removed from accounts. Students do not need to contact Student Health as your insurance waiver will be processed once access is fully restored. This process will take time. Your continued patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Complimentary parking to end on Sept. 22

Complimentary parking on campus will end on Sunday, Sept. 22. Beginning Monday, Sept. 23, individuals must have a valid parking pass (semester, annual, payroll, etc) or pay via ParkMobile to park on campus.

Due to the University-wide outage, parking on campus was made complimentary until parking systems could be restored. With the efforts of ITS, WiFi and the parking system are back up.

While the parking portal is still offline, parking permits/ passes can be purchased and paid for in Main Hall Room 137.

Please be aware of these regulations:

1) Beginning Monday, Sept. 23, unauthorized parking on campus will result in citations being issued.

2) Citations must be paid within 14 days, otherwise they will accrue a 50% penalty on the original amount.

3) Citations can be paid online here by entering your citation number and vehicle plate info, or you may pay in person at Main Hall Room 137.

At the moment, citations cannot be appealed online via the parking portal, therefore, all appeals must be sent to along with your citation number and student/ staff ID.

Please note payments can only be made via card. Cash is NOT accepted.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Limited library database access

Current Regis students, faculty, and staff can use the link below to find access information for some library databases. We will continue to add to this list as we are able to establish more access points.

Regis users will be prompted to request access to the site; our staff will be monitoring this and responding to these request daily from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. We will respond as quickly as we can outside of these hours.

Students encouraged to set up direct deposit 

Students: If you are expecting to receive a financial aid refund from your fall disbursement, go to the Ranger Portal and set up direct deposit to expedite the process. Disbursements and refunds for students who have NOT set up direct deposits will take considerably more time.

 To set up direct deposit, go to

Once you login,

Click on the “Financial Information” link on the left hand menu

Select “Banking information.”

Enter your bank’s routing number and your bank account number.

 If you have questions, contact

Update on transcripts, PC re-imaging

  • Regis' ability to receive transcripts electronically has been restored. Regis University E-Transcripts are now available to order through

  • PC re-imaging work is presently focused on Loyola and West halls. The large amounts of data needing the transferred, routinely exceeding 80-100 GB and in one case reaching almost 250 GB, is consuming many hours and slowing down the process. ITS staff is exploring changes to the process to speed up the process for re-imaging about 2,500 computers.

Internet connectivity issues on the campuses

Remote campuses in Thornton, Colorado Springs and the Denver Tech Center may see some interruption in Internet connectivity, as ITS staff work to get Internet connectivity for computers at those locations restored on a more permanent basis.

On the Northwest Denver campus, Internet connectivity has been restored in Loyola Hall rooms 2-6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 22, 25, 27, 31, and 33. The computers in rooms 11 and 17 are using the wireless network and need to be logged into with different credentials. Each room has instructions on how to login.

Lose your email signature?

If your email signature was deleted and you have no signature on the email, here are steps to add a signature:

  1. Open Signature Instructions: Simply copy from the Name Here to the Regis University logo and paste into email signature. The preferred version is, obviously, highly recommended.

  2. In a new tab, open your email on

  3. In the top right corner, select the gear (or settings) icon.

  4. A tab will pop up on the right side of your screen, at the very bottom of that tab is 'View all Outlook settings' - click this.

  5. A pop up menu will appear, in the second column, select "Compose and Reply"

  6. Paste the email signature template from step one's webpage into the email signature box.

  7. Populate the template with your information.

  8. Click "Save" button in the top right of the pane.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 3.29.12 PM.png

Log in to Workday

Looking for Workday? Here’s the path:

  1. Log into (you may need to use Chrome if not available in Safari)

  2. Enter your Regis email address and hit enter

  3. If you’ve already reset your password in Office 365, skip to step 6

  4. If you have not reset your password, enter: year you were born, Regis, last four digits of your Social Security number. It looks like YYYYRegisXXXX. Then hit enter. (Some are mistakenly entering their birth month and date; only enter your birth year.)

  5. Enter that password again under ‘Current Password’ and then enter a new password (it cannot be one you used before) and hit enter.

  6. You’ll need to add a backup authentication phone number or email, it will send you a code to verify.

  7. Hit ‘Finish.’

Log in to Ranger Portal

All students are asked to visit the Ranger Portal and verify that the information about their current registration is correct. If anything is not correct, students must email their dean. Complete instructions and email addresses for deans is available on this document.

The Ranger Portal is now available and allows students to view their course enrollment and financial aid and make payments.