Contacts for Student Services restored

Student Services is now reachable by its usual contact methods:

(303) 458-4126 or 1 (800) 568-8932.


Current hours of operation will be 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday. Keep in mind that students can always access to view their student account and print an invoice, pay a bill, manage and accept financial aid, and more.

Updates on various ITS restoration efforts

CRM-ERP integration

The data exchange between CRM (Recruit) and the ERP/Colleague (student information system ) has been restored and verified.

 Windows PC restoration to date

The Windows PC reimaging project has now reached 938 faculty/staff computers of which 786 have been restored.

403 classroom and lab computers have been restored to date: Carroll Hall, 101; Clarke Hall, 60; Library, 35; Loyola Hall, 14; Main Hall, 10; Claver Hall, 89; Student Center, 23; Denver Tech Center, 50; and Thornton, 21.

 Go online to request ITS services, support

There is now a new, easier way to request ITS services and support: Go to and use your usual Regis login credentials.

 Phone services

Phone services with headsets connected to clean Regis-issued computers are functional.  Many desk phones are needing additional configuration with 100 desk phones restored to date.  A persistent technical issue pertaining to desk phone configuration was resolved on Thursday and it should enable faster progress.

 Shared drive data

The number of data restoration requests from the old shared drives has grown to 119.  With 66% deemed critical or extremely critical by the requesting University faculty/staff, ITS reports restoration will take time despite the speed enhancements implemented this week.

 Previous email/calendar restoration

Preparation of the data to restore previous e-mail and calendar items has been completed and access to the previous e-mail/calendar items has been tested successfully.  It may not be possible to seamlessly merge previous and new calendar items although discussions are still in progress with Microsoft for any possible solutions. 

 Special-purpose technology environments

Arrangements have been made for students and faculty to use special-purpose technology environments in Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Therapy.  Work is in progress to make similar arrangements for Pharmacy and Neuroscience.  

 Software center

The Software Center is now available on restored computers and currently offers 16 software titles.  For a full list, click on the Start Menu > Microsoft System Center > Software Center.

 Document imaging system

Installation and configuration of a new version of the University’s document imaging system is in progress.  Data from the previous version has been recovered.  Full restoration of this service is expected to take 3-4 weeks.

 Remote access

A new remote access solution is being evaluated and the evaluation is expected to take about 3 weeks.=

Print services

A contract is being finalized with Ricoh to rebuild print services, including an upgrade and wireless printing.


Paying to park, permits, citations, and appeals

Complimentary parking has been rescinded and paid parking on campus has been reinstated. Since server integration is in process, logging into the Regis University Parking Portal is not possible. Any changes to accounts, such as adding/removing vehicles and updating license plates, must be emailed to with your student/employee ID.

Permits can be purchased at the Office of Parking and Transportation, Main Hall Room 137, from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also pay at the kiosks or by using ParkMobile to park on campus.

Appeals can be emailed to and must include your student/employee ID, citation number and appeal.

Citations can be paid here with your citation number and payment method since you do not need to login to pay your citation. You can also pay citations at Main Hall Room 137.

To contact the Office of Parking and Transportation, email, as the parking phone lines are not functioning yet.

URSC grant deadlines extended to Oct. 29

The deadline for the University Research and Scholarship Council (URSC) October grant cycle has been extended. Applications for Faculty Research and Scholarship Grants (FRSG) up to $5,000 and Student Research and Scholarship Grants (SRSG) up to $500 will be accepted until 11:59pm on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Please contact Chris Roberts ( for more information and up to date application forms.

Valve repair to affect heat, water in several buildings on Oct 14.

Physical Plant will repair a leak in a main steam line on Monday, Oct. 14, the start of fall break for many students.

Due to the repair, the following buildings will not have heat that day: Clarke Hall, Pomponio Science Center, Carroll Hall, Field House, DeSmet Hall, O’Connell Hall and West Hall. Present forecast is for a high of 65 so facilities will stay comfortable but could be a little cool by the end of the day. Residential hall residents are advised to keep their windows closed the night of Oct. 13 and throughout Oct. 14.

In addition, there will be no hot water in the following buildings:  Carroll Hall, Field House, DeSmet Hall, O’Connell Hall and West Hall. Note that soap in the restrooms are micro-bacterial.

 We apologize for the inconvenience but this repair is necessary ahead of winter weather.

Password reset schedule for sponsored accounts established

Sponsored accounts have been restored, however passwords need to be reset before they can be used. 

If you are the sponsor of 10 or more Regis accounts, wait for a direct e-mail communication from ITS.  

If you are the sponsor for fewer than 10 Regis accounts, please visit with ITS between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. in 10 Carroll Hall according to the following schedule, based on the sponsor’s last name, to reset the password for their sponsored account. This schedule is intended to reduce wait times.

Schedule by last names:

  • A-F, Oct. 7-8.

  • G-L, Oct. 8-9.

  • M-R, Oct.9-10.

  • S-Z, Oct. 10-11.

Please allow about 7-8 minutes for each sponsored account that you need to reset.

If the beneficiary of a sponsored account is a person, the sponsor is required to reset their password and provide the new password to the beneficiary by calling them.  If the sponsored account is for a unit/group/activity (e.g.,, it will be ready for use once the sponsor has reset its password.

Come get your USB drives!

About 200 USB drives with user data still need to be collected from the ITS Help Center in the basement of Carroll Hall.

Faculty and staff who have offices in DeSmet, Carroll, Clarke, Claver, Loyola, Main and West halls and who received a re-imaged Regis-issued computer and whose data was copied to a USB (“thumb”) should visit the ITS Help Center to collect their data. The 90 prioritized users also need to collect their drives.

  As a reminder, a driver’s license and Regis-issued photo identification are needed to collect the drive.

Important note: An increasing number of users have files/folders that need additional processing which means their drives will not be available. ITS will strive to notify users in advance but this cannot be guaranteed.   We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Updates on ongoing work to restore services

Phone services

For the last week, phone services have been working for people using a headset connected to a clean Regis-issued computer.  For those with a desk phone, additional configuration was necessary in many cases, and IT staff are continuing to work on restoration.

Colleague restored

One of the key communication tools at the University, Colleague Communication Management, has been restored.

Shared drive data

The recovery of data from shared drives has proven to be an extremely slow process.  Constituents with critical and urgent needs for specific data from the old shared drives should consult with their vice president and have them send an e-mail to the CIO with details of the request.

Document imaging system

The work to restore the University’s document imaging system, ImageNow, has started and also includes an upgrade.  Over six million files have been recovered.  It is expected to take 4-5 weeks to be fully restored.

Remote access

Evaluation of a new remote access solution has begun and is anticipated to be completed in 2-3 weeks.

Print services

Ricoh, the university’s partner for printing and copier services, is expected to start next week to rebuild print services, including an upgrade for wireless printing, next week.  It is estimated that this work will last several weeks.

Xfinity service restored for students

The TV service, Xfinity-on-Campus, was restored late Thursday for students.  The common areas have a dependency on sponsored accounts and will be restored after the sponsored accounts for this service are successfully re-established. 

Status of PC and Mac restoration process

ITS staff have touched 715 faculty/staff computers to date, of which 563 have been restored.  Also restored are 302 classroom and lab computers and 51 Macs have been restored. Overall 916 computers have been restored.

The Cupboard needs donations

The shelves of the Regis Cupboard are getting bare again. Next time you are shopping, consider spending $5 more and get a few of these items? 

  • Pasta and spaghetti sauce

  • Macaroni and cheese

  • Cereal – boxed, oatmeal packets etc

  • Granola bars

  • Crackers (with peanut butter or cheese) or any boxed crackers

  • Single-serving Ramen or rice bowls

Those interested in volunteering an hour working in The Cupboard, sign up at:,1,eFk9mVYvEOg2rZUooPvGDoT8KY5XNeJYddft_0jB2L_i3QqtmbmyCE9Lq4aDeYZ98dpnAeeEaLHpO7GzKEO1WU_BGSIVdVl6meUMF3HeS-s,&typo=1

Be aware of phony Apple "support calls"

Some institutions seem to be experiencing an increase in phony support calls on their Apple devices as they step into their new academic year.  Please be vigilant and use good judgment in answering calls, providing personal information, and clicking on anything on any device.  You can find more information about the scams and how to stay safe on your Apple device by clicking these articles:

Deadline to enroll/waive student health insurance extended

The deadline to enroll/waive the student health insurance requirment has been extened to Friday, Oct. 4. Students will NOT be auto-enrolled in the student health insurance due to student health not having full access to our systems. If you have enrolled in the student health insurance, please download the Anthem app called "Student Health" to access all your benefits information and insurance card. If you are not able to login yet, please allow 7-14 days for insurance to process your information.

For more information go to

Roll call for collecting USB drives

Faculty and staff who are part of any of the following groups who received a re-imaged Regis-issued computer and whose data was copied to a USB (“thumb”) should visit the ITS Help Center in the Carroll Hall basement to collect their data. After retrieving the drive, follow immediate next steps provided in the instructions sheet.  A driver’s license and Regis-issued photo identification are needed to pickup the drive.

  • Cabinet-Prioritized 90 users

  • Faculty/staff with offices in:

    Clark Hall

    Claver Hall

    DeSmet Hall

    Loyola Hall

    Main Hall

    West Hall

Clarke Hall occupants can collect USB drives now

If your office is in Clarke Hall, you received a re-imaged Regis-issued computer, and your data was copied to a USB (“thumb”) drive: Your data is now available. 

Please visit the ITS Help Center in the Carroll Hall basement to collect your data and then follow immediate next steps provided in the instructions sheet.  Please make sure you have your driver’s license and Regis-issued photo identification available at the time of pickup.


Phone service partially restored

Regis’ phone services have been partially restored. University members with a clean Regis-issued computer can use phone services by connecting a headset (or headphones and a microphone) to their computer and starting the Skype for Business application. Users that want to use a traditional desk phone should wait for IT staff to visit their office to reset/configure the phone. No call to the ITS Help Center is needed for this.

At the moment there is no need to dial 9 to make an external call, or to provide a long-distance budget code.

Change in procedure for returning USB drives; other updates

There is an important change to the procedures regarding recovering data by using USB “ thumb” drives.

IT staff will no longer visit faculty/staff offices to return the USB drives with user data, as this has proven to be extremely inefficient due to the timing and coordination needed.  With the new procedure, faculty/staff will receive an e-mail notification that the USB drive with their data is available for pick up at the ITS Help Center in the Carroll Hall basement. Users should promptly copy their data to OneDrive and return the USB drive to the ITS Help Center so that other University computers can be restored.  A sheet of instructions will be provided on the immediate steps to take when the users visit the ITS Help Center to pick up the USB drive.

The ITS Help Center can be reached at 303-458-4050.

Other updates:

  • Windows PC restoration process: 501 faculty/staff computers to date have been touched and 413 functional computers have been successfully deployed.  In addition, 278 classroom and lab computers and 46 faculty/staff Mac computers have been restored.  Starting next week, CC&IS faculty, who have graciously offered to assist, will work with IT staff in restoring PCs at the DTC campus. 

  • The business intelligence (BI) server environment has been rebuilt.  The UAR and IT teams are working to get additional software installed and configured so that BI services can be fully available.

  •  Email and calendar history restoration is slow. The process to prepare and restore faculty/staff previously sent and received email and calendars has been running for over a week now, and it is still running. Because of this, IT staff is not able at this time to provide an estimate of when previous mail and calendars can be made available.

  •  Chemistry computers restored. 7 of the 8 special-purpose instrumentation computers in Chemistry were successfully restored.  The 8th one will need some additional forensic and restoration work.  IT staff will continue the work with faculty in Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy to restore special-purpose computing equipment that is critical to student learning and research.

  •  Server data retrieval. There have been more than 70 requests to provide data from the previously existing S, W, and K drives.  The process to restore data from other shared drives (G and H) is also in-progress.  Files and folders with unusually long names, special characters in their names, and the need for preparatory/repair work are being encountered frequently on all these drives.  All these contributing factors are slowing the overall data restoration process considerably.  Your patience is requested as IT staff work through this time-consuming process.